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YouTube Symphony Orchestra…

Have you seen them? Sounds like an imaginary online experience, but these guys have actually met and rehearsed before playing altogether in Carnegie Hall, New York! They have been recruited from musicians from over 30 countries across the world! They auditioned online, of course (yes, you’re right – on YouTube) and they have been chosen by the community. For each of them it must have been a tremendous experience.

They do not play film music, they play various classical compositions, some of them you may recognise. It is great to look at a live orchestra playing – and seeing emotion on their faces and passion while they’re playing. The multicultural aspect adds to the experience. We also see the stories behind several members of the orchestra – one of whom is a surgeon, and another… plays poker for a living. Well, the stories are unusual and varied. Anyways, you can listen to a good piece of symphonic music, played by 96 people. It inspires me. It makes me think what a timeless line-up an orchestra is and how varied its sound can be.

Here is their YouTube channel.

I hope you enjoy. 🙂