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Dear Readers,

yeah, it’s time for me to unveil some of my music to the world! There are so many pieces that are ‘in my drawer’ – well, almost – on my hard drive, on various pieces of paper or in my head… that are waiting to be finished and discovered. I decided I will be doing it step by step and I will be showing you what I’ve got musically. ‘Cause I’ve got so many ideas!

Let’s start with this piece that I’ve composed as a college project: it’s a short one, kinda exotic one. We were supposed to write an ‘exotica’ piece, choosing a sound and place in the world where we could locate it. It did not have to be an exact sound scape of that particular place, or a typical melody pattern or rhythm, but rather an impression of this place and a style. So, I chose… accordion! Tango! Argentina!!

I hope you like the piece. It’s short and concise. It’s a demo. I recorded it in Logic on virtual instruments.


You can find it on my SoundCloud profile, which is here.

You can also find it in the MY MUSIC section of this website.