Hey there!

My name is Anna, I live in London, UK, and as you may have noticed, I am into film music. Very much into it. I can listen to film music for hours, as it evokes so many moods and is so various in styles and genres… I can use my imagination very often to create pictures when I listen to music and vice versa…

This is probably why I have become a film music composer. 🙂

Exciting stuff!!!

They say, music in a film is best when you don’t even notice it… It just flows and fits the picture.

This is what I aim for: to create music that fits the picture perfectly, but also is a very pleasurable thing to listen to on its own, even without the movie. You can always use your imagination. 🙂

I am a graduate of London Centre of Contemporary Music (very proud of my BMUS Hons in Music Performance & Production with AVSynch specialisation…) and I feel comfortable composing in many styles of popular music, various genres and also different line-ups. I can create an orchestral score, a string quartet, a melodic piano piece, a rock song (I sing professionally as well!), a soul number, a brass section piece or a jazz tune. I feel very inspired by melodic pieces (think Clint Mansell), cartoon-like pieces, including songs (think Disney) and big orchestral pieces (think John Williams and Alan Silvestri). The composers I have mentioned are, among other composers and non-musical things, my inspirations.

I also have an idea of a musical theatre show in my head (and notebooks), ask for more details. 🙂

I work in Logic Studio (Logic Pro 9), in my home recording studio. I do mixing and mastering either myself or I ask another producer to come onboard and give me a hand, if needed.

I can write a score in music notation, if needed, in Sibelius and use it, if played by other live musicians.

You can listen to my music demos here.

You can also click here for my SoundCloud profile.

If you happen to be a filmmaker, animator, visual artist, theatre producer or somebody who needs instrumental or vocal music (as a gift for someone’s birthday even ;)), I  will be happy to compose it for you. 🙂

I hope you enjoy.

Lots of love,



© Anna Wawrzyniak 2012-2013


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